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If you only visit two continents in your life....visit Africa twice!

King Shaka Wood CarvedEARTH AFRICA CURIO was established on the outskirts of Durban, South Africa as a retail project in 2005 with the aim of supporting The Arts in Africa. This has grown to become Africa's largest online wholesale supplier of arts, crafts, curio and beadwork, to further expose and showcase the wares and considerable talent of African artists and craftsmen of which we are so proud.

The cosmopolitan stream of tourists into South Africa influences the constant metamorphosis of our arts and crafts, not necessarily conforming to any one particular culture, the adaptable crafters create a vibrant mix of products for every conceivable purpose, from just about any material. Through the fusion of various cultural styles, the arts and crafts of our country has developed a contemporary appeal that is both aesthetic and original. 

We are committed to uplifting African craftsmen and women who often lack the most basic education especially in the rural areas. By supporting these dedicated, uncompromising artists we can help create sustainable employment for them to support their families.

We  source African products from craft projects all over South Africa and Africa, always supporting the Fair Trade ethos of paying fair and sustainable prices, we also only buy directly from the artists and craftsmen.

Our website will never be complete as long as war, famine and floods continue to ravage our continent, the availability of some products will come and go to reflect this African phenomenon. The scourge of aids on the African continent has also taken it's toll on Africa's most talented artists and craftsmen, many at the peak of their trade. This undoubtedly has also left a void for fresh new innovative ideas and skills to emerge and flourish.

We hope our website will not only document Africa's art and craft from a commercial point, but also from a reference point. In time we hope to collect and showcase a huge amount of information on the arts in Africa, and thereby entice tourists to our continent. Statistic's show that tourism in Africa is the fastest job creator - for every nine tourists that visits an African country one job is created, in most parts of Africa every person who has a job has 15 dependents.

If you come to Africa twice you will create 18 jobs and 270 people will have a better life.

Come to Africa and make a difference.

Come to Africa for the time of your life.

Thank you - Siyabonga. 

The Real Africa - A must read! 

The Real Africa - a must read.