African Wax Batiks

African Wax Batik's are hand made from African material, usually white cotton cloth. The design of the batik is sketched onto the cloth and melted wax is then poured over this design which blocks the original color of the cloth from absorbing color dyes. This technique is called 'Batik' which means 'Wax Written'. The cloth is dipped in its first color dye bath and then dried in the sun. A new layer of wax is added to block out the second color and so on. Once all the waxing and drying stages are finished the cloth is dipped in boiling water to remove the wax which floats to the surface and is scooped out and reused. The cloth is then rinsed in clean water and dried in the sun for the last time. The new African Wax Batik is then ironed and is ready for the African market.
HOW TO PLACE A WAX BATIK ORDER: you cannot place an order for a specific Batik, as each and every Batik is original and therefore not the same as the images below, the below images are there to show you Batiks that are similar to Batiks that you will receive. Please  choose the AFRICAN WAX BATIKS MIXED.1 option where you will receive a mixed assortment of African Wax Batiks similar to the below images.

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