Beaded Photo Frames

African Beaded Photo Frames. Solid wood frame in any color, stained or varnished. Beadwork trim in any color or design can be attached to the wood frame on one side, two sides, three sides or four sides (the more bead work you add the higher the price). These Beaded Photo Frames can be custom designed to customer requirements. Handmade frames, may have minor imperfections in the tradition of African Crafts.
Photo frame outer size: 215 mm X 170 mm X 10 mm - Photo size: 135 mm X 90 mm - 
Beadwork trim width: 25mm.

NB! there is no difference between the wholesale price and the retail price of our photo frames, this is simply because there is a minimum qty of 50 units per photo frame, this effectively rules out any small retail orders. Anyone who is prepared to order 50 photo frames or more is classified as a wholesale customer and will be given the shown price.

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