Hammocks Chair & Double

From years of experience in manufacturing quality hammocks for garden nurseries and game lodges all over South Africa, we came to realise that brightly colored cotton hammocks are certainly not suited to the harsh African climate - they look great when they are new but when you leave these hammocks outside they fade quickly and the hammock mats and ropes perish when left in the rain. 
OUTDOOR HAMMOCKS: It was for this reason we changed the construction of our Hammocks and have developed a 100% no fuss, leave outside 24/7,  Outdoor Hammock:
- The Hammock Mat is now made from Sunblock shade cloth.
- The Hammock ropes are polypropylene and will not perish.
- The Poles are CCA treated Gum Poles with UVA protection. 
- Does not get dirty.
PERFECT HAMMOCKS FOR B&B'S AND GAME LODGES: Our outdoor hammocks are ideally suited to the hospitality industry as they require zero maintenance, can be left outside permanently without getting dirty and yet are as comfortable and relaxing as any cotton hammock on the market, which require high maintenance and have to be taken in and out depending on the weather. Our outdoor hammocks are also extremely animal friendly and can be simply hosed down with water if they attract any 'muddy paws'.
We offer two styles of Outdoor hammocks:
1. HAMMOCK CHAIR OR SINGLE HAMMOCK: These beautiful hammocks are bigger than they look and you can sit in them or stretch out full length. This is the ideal tree hammock or lapa hammock as it only hangs from one point, making it a great travel hammock. Very easy to set up - see instructions below. Supports 170 kg. The single hammock weighs approximately 7kg (for transportation purposes)
2. LARGE DOUBLE HAMMOCK: These Large Hammocks can support two people and can also be fitted to a hammock stand. This hammock hooks from two sides and all the hammock rope is supplied. Very easy to set up -  Supports 170 kg. The Hammock weighs approximately 7kg (for transportation purposes)


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