African Christmas Decorations.

African Christmas Decorations Beaded Rhino

African Christmas Decorations

African Christmas Decorations with Beaded Animals, Beaded Angels, Beaded stars and a myriad other Christmas decorating ideas. Have an African Christmas this year and spoil yourself with these stunning African Christmas Crafts hand made by the talented rural woman of South Africa. Visit our website for an awesome African experience


Nguni Hides

Nguni skins and hides
Nguni Hide Rug

Nguni Hides and Skins supplier in Durban, South Africa. Our nguni skins are available in a rich assortment of earthy colors mainly black, brown and white. No two nguni hides are the same. Nguni hide rugs have become popular as African decor and are very durable and easy to clean. Visit our website for the full range of nguni skins and more info on the history of nguni cows in South Africa.