Handmade Zulu Beadwork From South Africa.

AFRICAN BEADWORK (see prices here)

African Beadwork Zulu Love LetterAfrican Beadwork in South Africa and more specifically Zulu Beadwork is an age old tradition with African beading techniques, designs and patterns being passed down through the generations from mothers to daughters. Earth Africa Curio is fortunate to be situated in Kwa Zulu Natal which is home to the The Zulu's, who are among the most skillful and creative bead workers in Africa.


Zulu beadwork is certainly highly decorative, but the significance lies as much in the unique 'language' of the beads, as the aesthetic value. The language of beads is primarily linked to love - Zulu maidens would send long involved beaded messages to their lovers, weaving thoughts of love, grief, jealousy or uncertainty into their intricately patterned creations, these messages are popularized as Zulu Love Letters.


African Jewelry in traditional and contemporary colors and designs is available in a vibrant array of African bracelets, bangles, necklaces and earrings, all hand crafted by highly skilled Zulu Beadwork ladies who have a natural flair for design and color. 


A wide range of novelty items like Beaded SA flags, keyrings, bangles and bracelets are made incorporating the SA flag colors and have found their niche in the corporate gifts market. The beadwork ladies will also custom make their beaded products to include any country or company colors. 


The African Corporate Gifts Industry has recognized the talent of our local artists and craftsmen and are now sourcing locally made products in preference to cheap Chinese imports. Beaded lanyards, beaded tin mugs and beaded pens are a few crafts on offer. Over the festive season beaded African Christmas Decorations are a favorite Corporate Gift Idea.


African Beaded serviette rings in contemporary and traditional colors will add a dash of ethnicity to any table - to compliment this we can offer African Beadwork cutlery and Beaded salad servers.

We highly recommend that you support this sector of the South African crafts industry as it is predominantly controlled by the rural woman of South Africa who are amongst the most impoverished and marginalised group of people in Africa. The proceeds from their Beadwork helps support them and their families.

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