Beaded Key Rings From South Africa.

BEADED SA FLAG KEY RINGS (see prices here)

African Beaded KeyringsBeaded SA Flag Key Rings are one of the most popular key chains sold in South Africa and are hand made by local craftsmen in either #2 0r #3 African beads. These African Beaded Key rings can also be carded with company logo's or wording added for the Corporate Gifts Industry.   The key rings can be personalized to include other country designs and colors.


Beaded Wire key rings are hand made by the local Zimbabwe community living in Durban. These sturdy key chains are constructed from #3 African Beads and wire in an assortment of African animals including elephant, rhino, lion, giraffe, zebra. They also manufacture key rings in flowers, Christmas decorations and just about any design you require, we will custom make to your color or specification.


Zulu key rings are made from #2 African Beads and strong cotton. These beaded key rings are 'softer' than the Zimbabwean key rings and basic wording eg,  S O U T H  A F R I C A  can be added. Zulu key chains are ideal for the Corporate Gifts industry as the key rings can be personalized with Company colors and logo's. The Zulu woman also make a range of ethnic African Doll key rings in bright Zulu Colors.


Earth Africa is the largest wholesale supplier of Beaded Key Rings in South Africa. Please see our WHOLESALE PRODUCTS CATALOGUE for the full range of African Beaded Key rings with wholesale prices. We can also custom make key rings in virtually any design and color. Please enquire.

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