TELEPHONE WIRE BOWLS (see prices here).

Telephone Wire BasketsTelephone Wire Baskets come in a myriad different colorful designs, shapes ands sizes from small wire bowls that fit in the palm of your hand to large wide Telephone Wire Bowls which make superb African decor, whether they are placed as a table center piece or hang on a wall as art. Traditionally African woman have superb color co-ordination skills and combine aesthetically pleasing combinations and designs, however they will weave baskets to customer requirements. Telephone Wire Baskets can be cleaned with warm water and mild dish cleaning liquid.


Telephone wire basket weaving art originated with the African night shift security workers, who used age old grass basket weaving techniques to decorate their security sticks (knobkerries) with discarded telephone wire. They then took these wire weaving skills back to their rural villages and passed them onto their wives and daughters who quickly turned these new found skills into creating the beautiful African Wire Bowls of today, which have become collectors items by art lovers around the globe.


Telephone wire bowls are woven around a mould which provides the end shape. Thick wire is wound around the top of the bowl and tied into place, this forms the starting point and all the different colors of the telephone wire are attached to this thick wire. The individual telephone wire strands are then woven very tightly around the bowl into the various designs the weaver has selected, as the size of the bowl decreases towards the bottom of the bowl, strands of wire are cut off until the bowl is finished in the centre. The weaver requires great strength in their fingers to pull the wire firmly, thereby creating a bowl with a tight weave which only then is recognised as a quality Telephone Wire Basket.


Earth Africa Curio in Durban, South Africa is the largest supplier of Telephone Wire Baskets and bowls sourced from craft projects around Kwa Zulu Natal. We stock a wide range of sizes, please see our WHOLESALE PRODUCTS CATALOGUE to the left of this page for the full range of wire baskets with wholesale prices.

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