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African Art

African Township Art, this uniquely South African artform depicts the reality of the harsh life and poverty of the people living in African Townships, and yet through all this deprivation the spirit of the African Artists emerges with bright, colorful paintings. These African artists have no formal training and draw inspiration from their surroundings, their artistic style is bold and colorful and irregular. Acrylic on canvas artworks literally painted on the streets are sold to tourists for a fraction of their value. The Arts of Africa will only prosper and continue to gain popularity if these upcoming artists are supported and given every opportunity to grow their natural talent and develop into world renown artists.
NB! HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR AFRICAN ART: every painting / artwork shown in this category is an original and has already been sold, the below images are merely shown to illustrate the type of art you will receive if you place an order, you cannot place an order for specific paintings. Please choose the below options: AFRICAN ART MIXED MINIATURES / LARGE and you will receive a mixed range of art similar to the images shown. The artworks will be rolled into a protective tube for transportation (this excludes the Banana leaf art which has a hardboard backing and will be flat packed).

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