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African Beadwork General

African Beadwork covers a huge spectrum of products and is without doubt the most important craft industry in South Africa. Generally the rural woman and children who are often the sole income providers, are involved in making the most beautiful African Beadwork crafts. Earth Africa is fortunate to be situated in Kwa Zulu Natal which is home of the Zulu people, the Zulu woman are internationally recognised as the most highly skilled beadwork crafters in Africa, if not the world.
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Wholesale suppliers of the following African Beadwork crafts: African Jewelry, Beaded Lanyards, Beadwork Key rings, African Beaded Pens, Beaded SA Flag Products, Beaded Photo Frames, Beaded Tableware, African Beadwork Statues, Beaded Aids Flags, Beaded Butterflies and a wide range of other African Beadwork crafts.

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