African Curios | Masks

African curios and masks sourced from craft projects all over Africa. Wholesale suppliers of wood carved Giraffe and Hippo, Zulu spears, shields and drums, wide range of tribal masks. Ethnic crafts all handmade by highly skilled artists and craftsmen from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and Malawi. Handmade goods may have minor imperfections in the tradition of African Crafts.

DISCLAIMER: ALL WOOD / BONE / HORN / STONE CRAFTS ARE BREAKABLE, while every effort is made to securely package these carvings, if they are mistreated by the couriers in transit there is a small chance of breakages. The quoted size is an average and may differ, the colour of the carving and type of wood may also differ, these are inexpensive "nick-nack" products and are purchased "as is", we will accept no responsibility for breakages or product variation. We are most certainly not trying to mislead our buyers, you just need to be realistic and have a clear understanding of the products you are buying, handmade African products are not perfect and will vary from batch to batch - such is the nature of all handmade African crafts.

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