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African Soapstone Bowls

African Soapstone Bowls are available in a huge selection of African wildlife and rural scenes including elephant soapstone bowls, rhino soapstone bowls, lion soapstone bowls, zebra, giraffe and tribesman. Although soapstone bowls can be used for their utilitarian purpose, they are more suited as display items and African Decor, much the same as Soapstone ornaments and African soapstone carvings.
NB! HOW TO PLACE A SOAPSTONE BOWL ORDER: we are wholesale suppliers and do not sell single units or individual styles, every Soapstone Bowl shown in this category is handmade and painted, the below images are merely shown to illustrate the different artworks available on the Bowls you will receive if you place an order.
If you would like to order African Soapstone Bowls please choose the below options: SOAPSTONE BOWLS MIXED SMALL / MEDIUM and you will receive a MIXED range of bowls similar to the images shown.

DISCLAIMER: SOAPSTONE BOWLS ARE BREAKABLE, while every effort is made to securely package these bowls, if they are mistreated by the couriers in transit there is a small chance of breakages. Earth Africa accepts no responsibility for any breakages whatsoever - if you order these bowls it will be on the basis of: AT OWN RISK. 

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