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Beaded Key Rings

Beaded SA Flag Keyrings are available in the "softer" Zulu Beaded keyring or the more durable keyrings made from African Beads and wire. We also stock a wide range of beaded animal keyrings in 2D and 3D including beaded rhino keyrings, beaded elephant keyrings, beaded giraffe and zebra keyrings and many other African designs which are all handmade in South Africa. We can also custom-make keyrings in virtually any shape or form (on condition the QTY is large enough, please enquire). All the beaded keyrings can be packaged as per the image below and any Corporate or Company wording or logo's can be added.

DISCLAIMER: The quoted size is an average and may differ, the colour and shape may also differ, these are inexpensive products and are purchased "as is", we will accept no responsibility for slight product variation. We are most certainly not trying to mislead our buyers, you just need to be realistic and have a clear understanding of the products you are buying, handmade African products are not perfect and will vary from batch to batch - such is the nature of all handmade African crafts.


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