Beaded Tin Mugs African

Beaded Enamel Tin Mugs in a kaleidoscope of bright African colours, patterns and designs, also available in the beaded South African Flag colours. We offer two sizes of Beaded Tin Mugs. 

The 'MIXED' option below is priced significantly lower than individual colours, if you order this option you will receive a wide range of different unpackaged beaded tin mugs similar to all the colours shown.

DISCLAIMER: the actual ENAMEL MUG (beadwork excluded) is a budget product used by the impoverished rural communities in their daily lives, there may be imperfections, chips etc in the enamel coating, this is 100% normal - in fact, you will be hard-pressed to find enamel mugs without imperfections. This adds an "old world" authentic charm to the mugs and does not lessen the value in any way.


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