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Beaded Tin Mugs African

Beaded Tin Mugs are a favourite with the Zulu beaders and are available in a kaleidoscope of bright African colors, patterns and designs. These enamel Tin Mugs are also beaded in the South African Flag colors. We offer two sizes of Beaded Tin Mugs. Below are a few of the Beaded Mugs we have to offer however there is a wide range available.
If you choose the MIXED option below you will receive a wide range of different Small OR Large Beaded Tin Mugs similar to all the colors shown see more info on MIXED product ordering. 
DISCLAIMER: the actual ENAMEL MUG is a budget product used by the impoverished rural communities, there may be imperfections, chips etc in the enamel coating, this is 100 % normal and Earth Africa will not accept any responsibility whatsoever, or offer any refund or exchange. 

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