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Ostrich Eggs and Stands

Our Ostrich Eggs need to be purchased with a separate Ostrich egg stand, these Ostrich egg stands are often as beautiful as the egg itself. The decoupage process is labor intensive and requires numerous steps to achieve the desired result. Step 1 - wash egg with warm water to remove dirt. Step 2 - apply Gesso which is a substance that leaves you with a smooth surface. Sand lightly with 1000 grit sand paper. Step 3 - cut out the image using great care and skill to get all the edges perfectly cut. Step 4 - paint the ostrich egg's background color with a sponge brush and then paint the second coat with a natural sea sponge. Step 5 - glue the image to the ostrich egg using special decoupage glue which allows you to move the image if it is not perfectly positioned.  Step 6 - touch up edges of your cutouts with a matching oil based pencil. This must be done when the egg is dry. Step 7 - seal the whole egg with medium gloss varnish, apply about six coats at right angles to each coat.Your egg is now finished and will be free of dust and finger prints.

If you choose the 'MIXED' option below you will receive a wide range of different Ostrich eggs similar to all the designs shown - see more info on MIXED product ordering here. 

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