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Thin African Batik Giraffe Guinea FowlThin African Batik Giraffe Guinea Fowl
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Thin African Batik Giraffe Guinea Fowl

African Batiks. All our Batiks are handmade and no two Batiks look the same. This batik has already been sold - if you place an order here you will not receive a batik with the same image / design / colour as the shown image, ie if you place an order for a Batik that has an image of a giraffe you may receive a Batik with an image of an elephant, you will however always receive Batiks that are of the general theme of all the Batiks shown in this category. We have no control over the Batiks that the artists create and therefore we cannot sell exact individual styles, we can only sell what we have in stock which will be Batiks with an African theme.
All our Batiks have uneven edges / borders and may have small imperfections on the surface area, this is the nature of handmade African art.
DIMENSIONS: all our batiks are slightly different sizes ranging in widths from 40 TO 50 cm and ranginging in lengths from 140 cm TO 150 cm.

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