Wire Baobab Tree


Earth Africa Curio stocks a wide range of authentic African curios and crafts sourced from African arts and crafts projects all over Africa.  We are fortunate to have people from different African cultures joining forces to create fresh innovative ideas.
The combination 
of contemporary styles and traditional skills has allowed an almost new form of craft to emerge, which reflects the spirit of our country and its people. The results are African curios and crafts filled with individuality, creativity, spontaneity and style, but with authentic cultural elements firmly on display. 
African craft in the traditional cultural sense undoubtedly plays an integral part in our Nations creative make-up, many an African Craft item traditionally created for a utilitarian purpose has become a highly valued object of beauty and admiration.
The aim of this website is to enable people to become aware of our rich, colorful African craft heritage of which we are so proud.

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