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Payfast Logo1. PayFast is the safer, easier way to pay by Credit Card online. The service allows anyone to pay by Credit Card without sharing financial information. Payfast is very similar to PayPal, it is just more suited to South African Banking Laws.
Payfast aslo accepts Cheque Cards as long as they are Visa or Mastercard.
Payfast only accepts Visa & Mastercard - they do not accept Diners Club & American Express.

How does it work?
Earth Africa Curio is not an Online Shop and no payments are made directly off this website. When we receive your order and have quoted you on shipping costs, delivery lead time, stock availability, and only when you are happy and have confirmed everything, will we then send you an Invoice and a PayFast Payment Request where you simply add your name and Credit Card details (much the same as you would for any other Online Purchase by Credit Card) - Earth Africa Curio never gets to see these details and Payfast has all the necessary security measures in place to protect you - please see more on Payfast security here:
You do not need to have a PayFast account.

2. We also accept EFT payments (South Africa) and International Bank Wire / Transfer.