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Ebony Wood carved ElephantEarth Africa Curio is proud of our African Crafts heritage and we endeavour to sell the best quality goods available on the continent, however before you buy African products from us or any other African products wholesaler, you need to be realistic and have a clear understanding of the products you are buying. Hand made African products are not perfect, if you are looking for perfection then you may want to re-think your business model and purchase mass produced goods from other sources. Every now and again we receive complaints from a new customer that the goods were "bad quality" and yet we know that the supplied goods were "excellent quailty" - this is the nature of African arts and crafts.

- If you buy a new TV or camera online and it arrived with scratches on it you would be understandably upset and have full right to demand a replacement or refund - right!
- If you buy a small wood carved elephant for R20.00 we GUARANTEE it will have small imperfections.
- If you buy a Beadwork bracelet for R20.00 we GUARANTEE some beads will be out of sequence.
- If you buy a bone product we GUARANTEE there will be fine hairline fractures.

The above is not unique to Earth Africa - we GUARANTEE you that if you buy any African handmade products from any other supplier anywhere in Africa you will find the same imperfections.
Basically what we are trying to say is that we are selling the highest quality handmade African crafts available - if you spend one Dollar you will receive a product that is worth one dollar, and so on. 

The best way to avoid refunds is for the buyer to have a clear understanding of handmade African products before you make the decision to purchase them. We offer a very limited refund policy especially with regard to International customers.

REFUND & RETURN POLICY: Earth Africa Curio is a Wholesale Supplier and as such the general orders we receive from customers will be a wide range of goods in fairly large quantities. We will allow a limited number of products to be returned as long as there is a genuine and valid reason for the return. If you would like to return any goods please supply the following within 3 days of receipt of goods:
- the list of goods to be returned.
- valid reason for the return.
- clear photographs showing the fault of the product.
We will then validate this claim and authorise the return.  All goods must be returned in their original condition and all return costs are for the buyer. On receipt of the returned goods Earth Africa Curio will issue a refund.