Ostrich Egg Shells South Africa


Natural Ostrich eggs are pearly white in colour, the shell is 2/3 mm thick and strong enough to support the weight of a fully grown man. To remove the yolk from the shell a fairly large hole is drilled into the bottom of the egg, then using a thin dowel stir the inside of the egg, this aids the extraction process. Now, make sure the hole in the egg is pointing downwards and insert a straw through the hole and proceed to blow out all the egg yolk into a bowl, there is about one litre of egg yolk. When all the content is removed wash the egg by pouring water and soap into the egg and shake vigorously, pour this out and repeat the process until the egg is clean. Finally, the inside of the egg is sterilized.



The decoupage process is labour intensive and requires numerous steps to achieve the desired result. Step 1 - wash egg with warm water to remove dirt. Step 2 - apply Gesso which is a substance that leaves you with a smooth surface. Sand lightly with 1000 grit sandpaper. Step 3 - cut out the image using great care and skill to get all the edges perfectly cut. Step 4 - paint the ostrich egg's background colour with a sponge brush and then paint the second coat with a natural sea sponge. Step 5 - Glue the image to the ostrich egg using special decoupage glue which allows you to move the image if it is not perfectly positioned.  Step 6 - touch up edges of your cutouts with a matching oil-based pencil. This must be done when the egg is dry. Step 7 - seal the whole egg with medium gloss varnish, apply about six coats at right angles to each coat. Your egg is now finished and will be free of dust and fingerprints.



Painted Ostrich eggs are as popular as Decoupage eggs and it is often difficult to see the difference at a glance, the process is however very different in that instead of glueing images onto the eggs, they are hand-painted with different wildlife images, the most popular being The Big Five.



Big Five Ostrich eggs are one of the most popular designs in the decoupage range. The Big Five includes Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard and Rhino. The reverse side of the decoupage Ostrich egg will normally be the Africa map or something similar.



The San People (Bushman) of the Kalahari in South Africa not only value the contents of Ostrich eggs as a nutritious food source but also use the shell as a container to store water in this extremely dry, arid region. Bushman art is now applied to Ostrich eggs using the decoupage process and has become highly sought after African collectables.



Ostrich eggs ornately carved with African wildlife images is another form of decorating these versatile eggs. Highly skilled craftsmen will sketch the desired image onto the egg then painstakingly engrave, carve and drill the shell until a unique African masterpiece emerges.


Wood carved Ostrich egg stands or Beaded Ostrich egg stands are highly decorative and enhance the natural beauty of the eggs. Earth Africa sells a wide range of these stands, please note when you place an order for any of our Ostrich eggs you need to order the Ostrich egg stand separately.


Earth Africa caters to the Corporate & Promotional Industry and we specialize in Corporate Branding. Ostrich eggs make superb corporate gifts where we can incorporate your company logo on the one side of the egg and have an image of The Big Five on the other side.




Every country in the world has a different import policy for Ostrich eggs - some countries have a total ban on the import of Ostrich eggs, other countries require permits and other countries have no restrictions at all. It is up to the buyer to contact their local Customs office and find out what the import policy is for their country. Earth Africa will accept no responsibility whatsoever if Ostrich eggs are ordered and there is a problem with your customs when the goods arrive in your country. When placing an order for Ostrich eggs the buyer will assume full responsibility for all Importation requirements necessary for that specific country and must advise Earth Africa of these requirements prior to payment.


Ostriches are endemic to South Africa and are farmed for their eggs, meat, leather and feathers. Besides being the largest living birds, Ostriches also lay the largest eggs, despite this large size they are extremely fast runners reaching speed in excess of 50 kph.

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Ostrich Egg Big Five Black DecoupageOstrich Egg Decoupage BushmanOstrich Egg Big FiveOstrich Egg Decoupage Bushman