EARTH AFRICA accepts credit card payments from anywhere in the world via PAYFAST PAYMENT REQUEST.



How does it work?
When you place an order on this website and check out there is no payment due, we will quote shipping costs and lead time, and only then if you are happy with everything will we send a PAYFAST PAYMENT REQUEST for credit card payment.

Which cards does Payfast Accept?

Can I pay from an International destination like London, New York?
As long as you have a VISA or MASTERCARD you can pay from any destination in the world much the same as if you visit South Africa and paid for goods with your credit card, there are no special requirements.

Do I need to register with Payfast?
No, you do not need to register with Payfast, when you receive the Payfast link simply open this and supply the requested information.

Are my credit card details safe with PAYFAST?
Your credit card information is 100% safe, please see more information on Payfast security and fraud controls.

Does EARTH AFRICA see my credit card information?
No, EARTH AFRICA initiates the PAYFAST PAYMENT REQUEST but we never get to see any information you supply PAYFAST.

Can I pay with Paypal?
No, we do not accept payment via Paypal.

Why don't we accept Paypal?
Paypal only offers buyer protection - the seller (EARTH AFRICA) receives zero protection.
If EARTH AFRICA were a retailer where the bulk of transactions were relatively small amounts we would accept Paypal as our risk would be limited to small amounts, however, EARTH AFRICA is predominantly a wholesaler dealing in large transactions.
Example of Paypal buyer protection: an International customer can pay for goods via Paypal, the goods are delivered to the customer via DHL and the customer personally signs the waybill on delivery. The customer then approaches Paypal and complains of none delivery of the goods. Paypal does not even contact us they simply reverse the transaction in favor of the buyer who now gets a full refund and is also in possession of the goods. The onus is now on EARTH AFRICA to try and recover the goods directly from the buyer which is impossible therefore we suffer the (large) loss. 

With Payfast if there is a dispute they offer both BUYER & SELLER protection, if this same dispute were to arise and the buyer approached Payfast complaining of none delivery, Payfast would mediate with both the buyer and seller. Payfast would approach EARTH AFRICA with the complaint and we would simply forward them the signed copy of the waybill proving they have received the goods. Payfast would do a full investigation and the finding would be indisputably in our favor thereby offering seller protection.
If we on the other hand did not deliver the goods Payfast would offer the buyer protection and reverse the transaction. Payfast offers an extremely "fair" payment system benefitting both the buyer & seller.

What other payment methods do you accept?
Please see more payment options here.