Zulu Love Letter


Zulu Love Letters are African beadwork messages given by the Zulu Maidens to their lovers as symbols of their love and affection - each color of the African beads conveys a different meaning. Zulu beadwork handmade in South Africa.

WHITE: a symbol of hope, purity, cleanliness, and true love. 

BLACK: grief, loneliness, my heart has turned as black as the rafters in the hut as I hear you have another maiden.

YELLOW: wealth (or lack of) if we marry I will be hungry as you own no bull to slaughter.

GREEN: lovesickness, jealousy, I have become as thin as a blade of grass from pining for you.

BLUE: faithfulness, if I were a dove I would fly through blue skies to reach you.

TURQUOISE: impatience, I am losing hope that you will marry me.

RED: intense love, longing, my heart bleeds with love for you.

PINK: abject poverty, if you keep on gambling and wasting money, you will never save enough for my Lobola (dowry paid in cattle).

BROWN: my love is like the earth that gives rise to new life. 

STRIPED BEADS: doubt, accusations, two-timing. You are like the Ntothoviyane (striped grasshopper) springing from bush to bush. 

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