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Earth Africa, based in Durban, South Africa are wholesale & retail suppliers of authentic African products including Zulu Beadwork, African Jewellery, Curio's and Ethnic clothing. See our PRODUCT CATALOGUE to the left of this page for the complete range of over 3000 African products with prices.



African Beadwork is the most important craft industry in South Africa with beautiful beading techniques and skills being passed down through the generations from mothers to daughters. These rural African Beadwork ladies are some of the most impoverished people in Africa, yet they still manage to produce outstanding, authentic products in difficult circumstances.


Traditional African beaded necklaces, bracelets, bangles and earrings, handmade in South Africa in eye catching colours and designs have become sought after worldwide. Traditional African designs have fused with contemporary styles creating unique South African Beadwork Jewellery of which Earth Africa carries a wide range and frequently adds new styles.


The Beaded SA Flag is another widely recognised African Beadwork product, especially suited to the Promotional and Corporate Industry. The colors of the SA Flag have been incorporated into a range of beadwork products including beaded SA Flag keyrings, beaded lanyards, beaded pens, tin mugs and jewellery. Earth Africa stocks an extensive range of these beaded SA Flag products, we can also custom make to your specific requirements.

 African Beaded SA Flag Products



African telephone wire baskets, or 'Mbenge' in Zulu, handmade using age old grass weaving techniques were first developed by night shift security guards who passed the time weaving recycled telephone wire onto their security sticks. These skills were then transferred to the ornately designed telephone wire baskets of today.


Zulu Hats are traditionally only worn by the married Zulu woman, available in a myriad different colours and designs. These 'Isicholos' are constructed from a framework of grass and palm leaves covered in fabric with intricate bead and stitch-work trim. Zulu hats have moved beyond clothing, regularly being used as ethnic decor in Luxury Safari lodges and African themed homes.

Our African Shirts in vivid, rich colours with intricate neck detail were first popularized by Nelson Mandela and are now worn as a symbol of National pride. Another uniquely South African garment is the umBlaselo, comprising of a waistcoat and trouser set, deliberately made up of a patchwork of different colours.


We are uniquely situated in Kwa Zulu Natal, Internationally recognized as home of the worlds most talented beaders - African beadwork is a means to empower the impoverished rural women who without any formal education have little chance of gaining meaningful employment. The purchase of their beadwork creates work for these women and is often their sole source of income, allowing them to support themselves and their families.

While we stock a vast range of African crafts we specialize in Zulu (African) beadwork and more specifically, African beaded jewellery including, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles. 
Through the fusion of various cultural styles African beaded jewellery has developed a contemporary appeal that is both aesthetic and original. 

We source other African products from craft projects all over South Africa and Africa, always supporting the Fair-Trade ethos of paying fair and sustainable prices, we only buy directly from the artists and craftsmen.

Thank you - Siyabonga.