EARTH AFRICA manufactures a very large range of beaded keyrings resulting in numerous requests for the following.....

Can you make a beaded keyring with my logo on?
The answer is a simple NO, it is impossible to make a keyring with your logo.

A digital image (YOUR LOGO) is made up of rows and columns of microscopic pixels, the more pixels in the image the clearer and more defined the image will be and herin lies the problem with trying to create a beaded logo - each bead becomes one pixel but unfortunately the bead is far too large to replicate your logo in a small area (keyring).

The very best we can offer is a beaded keyring with BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS, see below.


A simpler explanation will be for you to print out the above BEAD GRAPH PAPER and colour in each bead to create your logo and you will soon realise the limltations of trying to bead your logo on a small keyring.